About us

Fast Truck is a company registered in the state of Kansas US under the name Fast Truck LLC.
Our corporate purpose is cargo transportation, guaranteeing reliability, speed and punctuality. In turn, we allow the small investor through blockchain technology to be part of the growth of our company.


Provide a national cargo transport and logistics service, fully satisfying the requirements of our clients in a timely manner, guaranteeing a service that stands out for its safety, punctuality and quality, with the support of adequate technology, qualified and competitive personnel, who have our support for their ethical and professional training, respecting the environment of the communities where we operate.


To be the LEADING company in freight transportation, consolidating ourselves in the market nationally as a quality company that provides its services with excellence, efficiency and safety, in accordance with technological change and committing ourselves to the environment, attention to the client and comprehensive training of its employees.


Commitment to our clients. Through transparent, honest and lasting relationships, a quality service is provided, where safety in all processes and your satisfaction are our priority.
Commitment to continuous improvement. Prioritizing innovation, research and the development of actions that favor our competitiveness.
Commitment to the environment. Proposing and applying effective actions and plans that go beyond complying with the applicable legal requirements.
Commitment to transparency and integrity. In our company we are fully committed to the principle of transparency that is the basis of our daily transport and logistics activity.
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